Our Story

We hand-pick and carefully curate Vintage Homeware from around the world. Our mission is to source the highest quality products whilst helping the planet one vintage piece at a time!

A bit about our founder

Ellie began her business journey 3 years ago after leaving a job in fashion buying to start Retroverse Vintage. Frustrated by the throwaway world of fast and expensive consumerism, she felt like she was part of the problem and wanted to be part of the solution.

As a buyer knowing that the fashion industry alone makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emission and 85% of all textiles that are burned or dumped each year, like many people Ellie was determined to do something to help create a more sustainable planet.  

Yes, waste is all around us, but we can do something about it.

Ellie had always loved the expressive world of fashion, interiors and nostalgic styles from the past, she loved buying vintage but sometimes found it hard to find high quality products at an affordable price.

So that’s the reason Retroverse Vintage was created.

To change the world and to search the world for carefully curated trend-led, high quality products at an affordable price.    

The big pay-off and the reason we love what we do is that every time an item finds a new home, you and us together, are helping the planet one vintage piece at a time. 

3 years on, the search and the journey continues. We are growing fast. We hope you find something you like on our website. If you don’t please stay in touch, there’s a world of vintage waiting to be discovered and we are on a mission to find the best of it.

We offer worldwide shipping. 

We source and upload new stock weekly.

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